An unlikely tale

It had rained the night before and all the world looked like it had been bedazzled with a million Swarovski crystals. The sweet petrichor of the last evening’s shower was heady to the point of distraction. As I walked around the shoreline, dewdrops clung to my coat embellishing my unadorned clothing with their iridescent brilliance. … Continue reading An unlikely tale

Party line

The incessant whine of the overhead power lines set her nerves on edge. It was as if a surge of electricity traveled across the wire, down the creosote-coated poles, into the ground, and up her legs, spreading throughout her body in a ripple of energy. The hair on her arms and head prickled with static. … Continue reading Party line

Boy soldier

confederate soldier gravestone

“Are you going to leave that there?” “No, I'll take it down, just like all the rest of the flags left here.” “They’ll just put it back again.” “I know, but the cemetery is only decorated a couple of times a year, I can keep up with that.” I found the gravesite while researching a … Continue reading Boy soldier

White icing

She comes across as some sort of ingénue. The virginal girl-next-door who needs to be protected from unsavory elements. The dupes who believe her impersonation, don't know about her surreptitious life carried out in the darkest corners of the most sordid venues. They don't know she has honed her storytelling skills to an art form. … Continue reading White icing