It all counts

Throughout her academic career, my daughter worked exceedingly hard to earn high grades. A consummate overachiever, she maintained an A-average from elementary school through her recent master’s degree. Her education was serious business. When she was in middle school, probably around seventh grade, the scale for earning an A was a numerical score of 95-100. All that changed when the local school board lowered the standard to a range of 90-100. The board’s rationale was that the change was more consistent with grading policies throughout the state. My daughter was pissed. She felt cheated. For two years she had busted her butt to earn that higher grade, and now anyone could slip under that 95 mark and get an A too. To her, the change was unfair to the students who put in the extra work and time for the higher scores. She thought lowering the requirements cheapened the A. Yeah, she was like that at age 12. She had

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