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Second puppyhood

When doctors removed the pin in my mini Lab, Asta's leg (that's her with me in my sidebar), it did more than relieve what must have been incredible pain, it also apparently unleashed her second puppyhood. She seems happier, livelier and eager to play. Once her activity restrictions were relaxed a little, all she wanted ...


Movie extra

There are days when I feel like an extra in the grand production of life. Non-speaking talent slaving away for scale without so much as a mention in the ending credits. The only evidence of my existence is a meager line identifying me as "50-something Mom #1." *Photo venue: shot from Navy Pier, Chicago, IL



I hate seagulls. They are little more than flying rats. Scavengers, pestilence carriers, all around the most annoying vermin on earth. Hate. Them. Living near the Gulf, there is also very little I can do to avoid them. They congregate by the hundreds in parking lots to feast on discarded bags of fast food, they ...


Kicked to the curb

In 1991, then Tennessee Sen. Al “I invented the Internet” Gore was in town to commemorate an Air Force Base anniversary. Being the seasoned local newspaper reporter, I got the interview. Our only opportunity to speak was in his limo on its way to the airport. Afterward, I was unceremoniously dumped on the side of ...


Karmic irony

So, this just happened. So recently in fact, that I am still laughing about it. I got up early this morning to run errands. I had a hair cut, then I did a little shopping, had a little lunch, was having an all around nice day. I'm on my way home when IT happened. The ...


Telemarketer: West Africa calling

Each of my peeps have their own cell phone. Have had since each of our kids reached middle school age and became active in after-school activities. Most of my family and friends, and business contacts, call my cell phone if they need to reach me. Even my Luddite mother, who shuns the Internet but finally ...


Every time

Why do you constantly do that? Every time I say anything, you always take it in the worst possible way. What? I never do that. You're totally overreacting, as usual. You are impossible! *Photo venue: The Landing, city park in Fort Walton Beach, FL


Pick up after your dog

I typically don’t engage trolls. It seems like such a nugatory endeavor. These bots have no real intention of having a rational discussion. Their only purpose is spreading vitriol, hoping to provoke a response. To dwell on the rantings of mad dogs is an exercise in futility. There’s no expectation for normal conversation, their arguments ...


Pocket full of pebbles

I’m not sure what it is about me, but I often feel that I am some sort of confessional magnet. Maybe it’s my perceived zen-esque attitude, or how I talk about my family, or... who knows what, but people tend to tell me things like I’m an Internet bartender. Deep things, ‘this shit is getting ...