Second puppyhood

When doctors removed the pin in my mini Lab, Asta’s leg (that’s her with me in my sidebar), it did more than relieve what must have been incredible pain, it also apparently unleashed her second puppyhood. She seems happier, livelier and eager to play.

chewed shoeOnce her activity restrictions were relaxed a little, all she wanted to do was wrassle with Big Sis Hershey and chase squirrels. (She couldn’t get far on her leash, but she wanted to run.)

From her initial homecoming, I tried to find her toys to enjoy. She’d have none of it. Asta was even timid about taking treats from us. But, now… apparently she has puppy stuff to make up, time lost while injured and attempting to heal. Without the burden of pain, she is free to do all those things she missed out doing.

Like chewing on things she shouldn’t.

You’d think, with all that I’ve done to improve her quality of life, of all the love I’ve heaped on her, she’d leave my stuff alone. And, it’s not like the menfolk don’t leave out tempting, gnaw-worthy paraphernalia.

Saturday, after my photo hike, while sitting on the couch downloading and editing my pix, Asta was peacefully asleep on her bed in the living room. Or so I thought. Looking up from my laptop, I see that she is actually busy destroying my shoe. My favorite, most comfortable pair of Rainbow sandals. Those lovely leather phenoms that mold to your foot, and have a lifetime materials guarantee.

I don’t expect “stupid dog” falls into the “normal wear” caveat.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t have toys for the specific purpose of chewing, or even less beloved shoes…


You might also think, that the menfolk would be sympathetic. Apparently I was wrong about that too. I’m going to rub  beef bouillon on their shoes.

text message

10 thoughts on “Second puppyhood

  1. So happy Asta is pain free now. Hooray! The chew thing, though…yuck. My daughter-in-law just got a puppy, who pooped in her shoe. She may have preferred the chew thing…sigh
    Thanks for this most excellent piece.


  2. The beef bouillon on their shoes made me laugh hard Tara. Though I imagine it was the smell of leather, and outside that made your pup want the best in the bundle. It was fresh dirt, sea and sand, and leather… beef bouillon doesn’t stand a chance!


  3. Our families are so much alike. The mountain of shoes in the foyer, a dumb dog, and funny texts.

    what breed of dogs are hershey and asta, again?


    1. I’m pretty much guessing at their genetic make-up, but Hershey is Lab/Chow and Asta (we think) is Lab/Beagle. I say beagle simply based on her bark… loud, deep and forceful.


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