“Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.” ~ Aubrey de Grey “You see it too, dontcha?” Miriam raced from person to person in the hospital day room, holding up a used lunch napkins by its top two corners. “It’s right there,” she said, shaking the paper square with righteous indignation if […]

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Don’t believe everything you think

Brain weasels chatter rudely Changing subjects midsentence. Keeping so many thoughts deftly Swirling in perfect balance Is harder than it appears. A juggling act of epic Proportions, by vague puppeteers, Meanspirited and choleric. Forgetfulness a necessary Defense against vicious lies Meant to keep life unhealthy Upended, disturbed otherwise. These are cautionary tales, To not believe […]

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On the horizon

What kind of future can he have? What kind of future does he want? To go to college, get a good job, find a nice girl, get married, settle down, have a family. Is that the future he wants or the one you want for him? What does that even mean? What’s wrong with wanting […]

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Out of the Darkness

sun breaking through dark storm clouds

This year my daughter is serving on the Board of Directors for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Florida Panhandle Chapter. The chapter is holding its annual Out of the Darkness Walk on Sept. 24 at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City. If you have been touched by the loss by suicide of a […]

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Thought train

old wooden train trellis

The 3:05 roared into the Hart Avenue station, smoke and soot spewing from the undercarriage and engine stacks. When the doors swooshed open, afternoon passengers spilled from the cars like a swarm of worker ants. Porters appeared with bellman’s carts, brass shined and the signature red carpet freshly cleaned, ready to load trunks and suitcases […]

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traffic tunnel

The recliner was pushed so far back that its occupant’s head was lower than his feet. He gripped the armrests to keep from sliding off onto the floor. “Are you sure you’re comfortable?” Dr. Holman sat in an adjacent chair, debating with himself whether to toss some of the couch cushions beneath Cyril’s head, lest […]

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