Bargain made

This post is something I genuinely didn’t think I’d have to write. I made a bargain, a pact of sorts, several years ago and the other party has upheld His part, so this is mine. A little backstory… For years, and I mean YEARS, I’ve been irrationally angry with God. Angry isn’t even an adequate … Continue reading Bargain made

Don’t believe everything you think

Brain weasels chatter rudely Changing subjects midsentence. Keeping so many thoughts deftly Swirling in perfect balance Is harder than it appears. A juggling act of epic Proportions, by vague puppeteers, Meanspirited and choleric. Forgetfulness a necessary Defense against vicious lies Meant to keep life unhealthy Upended, disturbed otherwise. These are cautionary tales, To not believe … Continue reading Don’t believe everything you think

Thought train

old wooden train trellis

The 3:05 roared into the Hart Avenue station, smoke and soot spewing from the undercarriage and engine stacks. When the doors swooshed open, afternoon passengers spilled from the cars like a swarm of worker ants. Porters appeared with bellman’s carts, brass shined and the signature red carpet freshly cleaned, ready to load trunks and suitcases … Continue reading Thought train