Don’t believe everything you think

Brain weasels chatter rudely
Changing subjects midsentence.
Keeping so many thoughts deftly
Swirling in perfect balance

Is harder than it appears.
A juggling act of epic
Proportions, by vague puppeteers,
Meanspirited and choleric.

Forgetfulness a necessary
Defense against vicious lies
Meant to keep life unhealthy
Upended, disturbed otherwise.

These are cautionary tales,
To not believe each negative thing
You’re thinking, when all else fails
Even less of what you’re dreaming

Be gentle with your fragile heart
Listen to your own wise counsel
Set your despairing thoughts apart
See the truth for what it is, unsinkable

Brain weasels aren’t that smart

Inspiration: Forgetful
The Darkroom badge
Inspiration: Caution

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