Life is but a dream

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The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale

“I’m driving out to the Branch farm to talk with Roger, want to go with?”

Marshall was standing in his bathroom shaving, wearing only a towel around his waist.

“I’d love to go, but is that proper procedure?” I rolled over toward the edge of the bed so I could watch him getting ready for the day.

“Nope, not usually, but you’re a material witness,” he said. “You’ve got some insight into the family that might be useful when I talk to Roger.”

“There you go using your sheriff-y words again,” I drew back the sheet. “You know what that does to me.”

With all tests and examinations complete, the ME officially ruled the twins’ death as a homicide, but without a crime scene, actual weapon or viable suspect, the investigation was at a stand still. At this point, without DNA corroboration, there wasn’t proof the babies were the Parkers’ children. The locket was the only link.

“Doc Simon couldn’t even give me a definite age on the babies, or when they died. Not anything that could be used to convict anyone, at least,” Marshall said. He continued dressing, grabbing his handcuffs from the nightstand when putting on his equipment belt.

I stifled a giggle remembering our own crime scene the night before.

“When did you plan on going out to the farm?” I got out of bed, pulling the bed quilt around my shoulders.

“Not until this afternoon,” Marshall put his arms around me.

“I can do that. I have to run out to Jax’s office this morning.” I nestled into his embrace. “I promised my mother that I would talk to him.”

“Good luck with that.”

“I’m not looking forward to it, but mom won’t let it drop until I do.”

“Do you want me to go with you,” Marshall turned serious.

“That won’t be necessary,” I said. “He won’t do anything that would make him look bad at his place of business.”

“If you’re sure,” he said.

“I’ll be okay.”

“I have to go,” he said before kissing me. “Take your time, I left you a key on the kitchen counter.”

“A key?” I said. “That seems a little sudden.”

“I’ve waited 15 years for you to realize we were meant to be together,” Marshall said. “If anything, it’s long overdue.”

I followed him out of the bedroom, and picked up the key.

“Are you going out to the house today?” Marshall asked. When I nodded, he said, “I’ll come out around two to pick you up. Bring the photo album and the locket.”

With that, he was out the door.

I stood in the kitchen savoring the moment, then went in search of coffee and a mug. The last few days had been like a dream, and I was enjoying the “at home” feeling of being back in Marshall’s life.

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Light and Shade Challenge: “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe

4 thoughts on “Life is but a dream

  1. Catching up…
    I like how easy they are together, how they might have had years away but they found their place ..for now…it’s hopeful.


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