A no-fault state

empty bird nest

The story so far... "Old Wives' Tale" “Every day I feel like I’m dying inside just a little,” Amelia said. She and Lester sat at a decorous distance from each other on the Carson’s front porch. James and Olivia Carson, Amelia’s employers and surrogate parents, sat at the opposite side of the porch acting as … Continue reading A no-fault state

Tin woman

tin toy female robot

The story so far... Old Wives’ Tale James Carson huddled with Pappy for a long time after the travelers left the bus. His contempt for Charles was palpable. Amelia was grateful for James’ careful attention to her bag, and Olivia’s welcoming embrace. From Pappy’s bus, James unloaded their belongings. He let Amelia hold her duffle in … Continue reading Tin woman