Floating free

balloon release

Floating free, the tenuous threads that keep us bound to the earth, loosed from the hands of loved ones, follow just out of reach.

As our brightly colored effigies are caught in warm thermals, drifting away on gentle breezes, we cling to our past, reluctant to give up so easily. Our ties to the living weakening as time wears on, no matter how desperate we are to stay behind.

Celestial lights and ethereal choirs beckon. Regret and longing fall away, and all that remains are those bonds no power can sever, yet no human can touch.

It’s a glorious day.

Inspiration Monday icon
Inspiration: Funeral Balloons
This week’s challenge is inspired by The Best Day of Our Lives,” by American Authors

5 thoughts on “Floating free

  1. Oh Tara, you’ve put a Texas size lump in my throat. This is just so, beautiful/painful/hopeful/tragic, I can’t decide which is best, but I love it.


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t even thought about the great metaphor for grieving that a balloon provides – we must let it go. This is poignantly written and wonderfully hopeful.


  3. Oh such beauty and truth in your words. I love the idea of balloons being released and the breezes carrying their color and love to those gone too soon. (Thanks for the little smile-sniffle you gave me )


    1. This was a ritual we started at a recent family reunion. It was a particularly sad year when we lost several loved ones. The balloon release was a way for us to say, ‘goodbye.’


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