Party time

“What should the invitations say?” “We should use his government name.” “Most people only know him by ‘Big Boy, they won’t know who Chauncey is.” “They’ll figure it out.” The two sisters, Ida and Ella, sorted through an upholstered album filled with stationery samples debating paper weight, and whether embossed or calligraphy lettering was better. … Continue reading Party time

The end

stained glass window

Murky skies, murky mood. Going home is expected for these kinds of events. Somber, bitter exhibitions held for the living to perform grievous posturing, outdoing hired mourners. Firstborn son, blessed girl-child - she is the twin of you! - coming together telling stories, feigning good memories, lying to keep the vultures in check. Do the … Continue reading The end

That talk

A long trip north to my ancestral home for an unexpected funeral, gave me a bittersweet chance to reconnect with the Yankee half of my family after a 20-year absence. Amazingly, I recognized them all. Everyone had changed physically, but I knew immediately who they were once we hugged. It was like we are all … Continue reading That talk