Almost sunrise


I kept to deserted back roads, away from streetlights and towns. It wasn’t as if you could see me coming or feel a change in the air when I got nearer to you, but the secrecy of it made me feel like a ninja.

Hiding in the shadows, I turned off my headlights on the straight stretches letting the moon guide my way. The dashboard’s red glow bathed my hands in crimson, making me shudder with anticipation.

I cranked up the radio, the music pushing me to drive faster, more purposefully, because it was almost sunrise and I was overdue.

This week’s challenge is inspired by Classified’s, “Inner Ninja.”

  1. Love the idea of driving at night without lights and letting the moon guide me. In my traffic-ridden corner of the planet, however, it would probably be called a death wish. Beautiful shot and lovely words, as usual. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Love the bit about turning off the lights. Here in snow country, it is amazing to go out on the quiet county roads in the winter after new snow with a big moon in the sky and drive without headlights. You actually don’t even need them!



  3. I love how you used the power of music. This made me smile and pump my fist.

    Thank you for playing. Leeroy is beside himself.



    1. Whenever I’m alone in my car, depending on my mood, I will adjust my playlist, and it will definitely affect my driving.



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