100 Word Challenge: Road

One afternoon last weekend, my Mister and I got into his truck and just went driving. No particular destination, no particular direction, we were simply exploring down roads we’ve never driven before. People once took Sunday drives for fun. After church, the family would pile into the old sedan or wagon, roll the windows down, […]

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Such a pinch

side view of a long bridge

Like most moms, when my kids were little, I would take opportunities to use ‘teachable moments’ whenever we were out and about town. We would play ‘I Spy,’ to learn colors, or the Alphabet game, calling out each letter in sequential order as we passed this or that sign. I would help the kids count […]

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Whine of the engine

narrow country road

I know every inch of this road. I know when to accelerate over the hill where the vineyard starts to get that roller coaster high. Rubber leaving asphalt, airborne if only for a breath. My stomach rising to my throat, laughing. I know which curves I can take at full speed, gearing down without hitting […]

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Almost sunrise

I kept to deserted back roads, away from streetlights and towns. It wasn’t as if you could see me coming or feel a change in the air when I got nearer to you, but the secrecy of it made me feel like a ninja. Hiding in the shadows, I turned off my headlights on the […]

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Finally home

Over 40 hours driving, three days, approximately 2,200 miles, through seven states – from The Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes – makes for a very monotonous road trip. Crazy-funny traveling companions, beautiful scenery and reuniting with distant family, make it worth the effort.

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