Kaleidoscope dance

sunlight shining through trees

Patches of sky seep in
Filtered through sun-hungry leaves
Showering bits of brilliance into the gloom
Kaleidoscope patterns dance in the shadows
Bringing light to the darkness

Submitted to Skywatch Friday
*Photo venue: Short Springs State Natural Area, Tullahoma, TN

9 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope dance

  1. Love the physical and mental imagery – and yes – Sun Hungry Leaves would make a great band name. But. Why are there flat pieces of what appears to be concrete near the top of the hill?


    1. Those are actual concrete steps. The area is a state park, and the trail is incredibly steep. I guess they put in the steps to make it easier to navigate. The pix in the link are of the same park. There were also several spots where wooden stairs were built in. The elevations changes were extreme.


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