The eyes have it

After months of procrastination, I finally made doctor appointments for the Mister and me to have our eyes checked. It worked out that I scheduled them one after the other.

Let me tell ya, you ain’t had fun ‘til you’ve gone to the doctor with your significant other. I’m not talking about the hand-holding, squishy face pre-natal appointments when you ooh and aah over the jelly bean growing in baby mama’s belly. I’m talking a throw-down, fierce optometrist appointment.

The Mister, if anything, is hyper-competitive. It was never more evident than as he sat in the exam room with me as I tried, and failed epically, to read the top line on the eye chart. As lame as it sounds, I can truly ask, “what chart?”

The taunts and guffaws over my miserable efforts to decipher the near invisible letters were constant. I did give as good as I got though. The doctor and his staff were left pondering if we were serious or hilarious.

In the end, they realized we were only joking and joined in, telling him that I won by a margin of 3:1.

Near-sighted doesn’t begin to describe my vision. It’s more like fuzzy-blobs-and-colors-sighted. I don’t claim to understand prescription data, but here’s the basics of what Dr. WebMD says.

There are two main measurements – OD (right eye) and OS (left eye). A negative number indicates nearsightedness. The higher the number, the more correction you need.

The Mister’s vision is OD -3.5 and OS -4.5. By comparison, mine are OD -10.25 and OS -10.50. Then add to that a +2 astigmatism. Booyah! I am this ][ close to qualifying for a service animal. (As a matter of full-disclosure, with corrective lenses, my eyesight can be brought back to 20/20.)

I don’t know if this is still true, but a doctor once told me that I had 20/2200 vision. Meaning, what a person with normal vision sees at 2,200 feet, I could only see at 20 feet. Tell you the truth, I think this is misleading, ‘cuz I know without my glass, I’m not seeing squat at 20 feet.

Even with correction, I sometimes have issues with my sight. My photography is a good example. Often, when I think an image is in focus, after looking at it up close on preview, I can tell it’s too fuzzy.

I used to wear contacts, and still needed 3.75 strength reader glasses. To give you an idea of how bad my vision is, here is a photo in focus, and another to compare to what I see without my glasses:

I’m looking forward to getting new, stronger glasses. I know I’ll be disoriented for a few days – my depth perception is off until I get adjusted to the new prescription, and I’ll have headaches – but hopefully, my vision will also be clearer. Who knows, my photography might improve too.

10 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. You know, as dumb as it sounds, I’ve never thought about photography and vision. Earlier this year I was prescribed glasses mostly for reading and driving but was also advised to wear them as much as I want…but never did I think my photos would be affected. I’ve got some testing to do – thanks for the insight!!


  2. Gee,and i thought my eyes were bad. I’m at – 3.25 and – 3.75 respectively. And i’m pretty sure i have some astigmatism thrwon in there but i keep avoiding that issue with my doctor. As soon as i accept it is an issue i have to switch contact brands and THAT means no more wearing a pair 24/7. I find i quite enjoy waking up and being able to see the clock clearly.

    I would LOVE to get laser surgery. Sigh…


    1. I’d love laser surgery too, but what I’ve read is that is may not be permanent. I could need glasses again in as few as five years. Seems a lot to go through for so little improvement.


  3. I had an eye exam yesterday. I did ok (I think?) till I got down to line 6 or 7. I literally laughed at the guy and said, “yeah, that’s not gonna happen”. They looked like numbers. They weren’t.
    My mom has to have cataract surgery next month. Both eyes. =/
    Enjoy better vision! =)


  4. When I got a vision test for joining the Army Reserves (they said no because of a single solitary seizure), the doc there told me I was 20/200, which was legally blind. I see, basically, exactly what you showed in your second picture. Pretty decent close-up (meaning smallest text on the Fire, with classes off) but if you want something farther than maybe 6 inches, I can see it, but I can’t see details.

    At least glasses can be styled anyway you want them, and there’s the option of contacts, even with astigmatisms 😀


  5. I’m typing into a blurry mess. My eyesight has gone downhill for seven years, now. i’ve canceled a couple of eye doctor appointments and need to get it done. so, dude, I relate


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