Six uses for water bottles during outdoor exercise

blue and green asics walking shoes

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a walking program lately – counting up towards 14,000 daily steps and that ever elusive 6-mile mark. Besides sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes, a hat and sunglasses, (maybe sunscreen and mosquito repellent), about the only other thing I need for walking is a ready water supply. Dehydration in […]

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Thank you, may I have another

blood donor

Today I thanked someone for sticking a needle in my arm and draining a vial of blood from a vein. Because of a couple of autoimmune issues, I have to endure periodic medical procedures that range from innocuous to downright torturous. On this occasion, I had to relinquish a small amount of bodily fluids to […]

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Take a seat

In my mind, I’m still young, still thin, and still agile. In my body, I’m feeling my age. The simple task of putting away dishes have my joints complaining. I can’t take stairs two at a time any longer, but instead have to pull my old bones up with help from handrails. I’m not reduced […]

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The good, the bad and the meh: the continuing Asta saga

Today, we had a sort of “good news/bad news, but mostly meh news” appointment at the vet’s with our fur kid Asta. After a two-week wait, we hoped that she healed to the point where the pin in her hip could be removed. The bad news is her vet wasn’t satisfied with the progress of […]

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Eighth level of hell

It’s a slow awakening, floundering in a quagmire of dream sensations. Opening my eyes only makes it worse. The light sears into my brain, tightening the torturous iron bands wrapped around my head, pressing into tender temples and squeezing every rational thought out of my ears. I close my eyes again, hoping paper-thin lids are […]

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Tastes like lemons

“Morphine makes me weightless, airborne.” I pondered my friend’s confession for a moment. She and I were reviewing the merits of the opiate analgesic over coffee. I was telling her about using a morphine pump during a recent hospital visit. “Really? Other than making me not care about the pain, I didn’t feel, you know, out […]

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