Eighth level of hell

rusty iron bands

It’s a slow awakening, floundering in a quagmire of dream sensations.

Opening my eyes only makes it worse. The light sears into my brain, tightening the torturous iron bands wrapped around my head, pressing into tender temples and squeezing every rational thought out of my ears.

I close my eyes again, hoping paper-thin lids are strong enough to hold back the throbbing orbs from exploding.

Curling my body into a clenched fist, trying to block out what sounds I can with leaden arms, all I want is to return to my oblivious sleep.

Migraines, the eighth level of hell.

The 100 Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity takes a single theme to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is ‘Temples.’

15 thoughts on “Eighth level of hell

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  1. I feel like you have been inside my head for the last few days. I’ve been battling a migraine since Friday. I get “cluster migraines” so they go on for days at a time. This was a perfect description. May you never have another. They are awful! Thank you for communicating that so clearly.


  2. oh yes, they are terrible. I actually miss the ones that were merely painful, instead of the kind I get now, which leave my body tingling (the first few times it happened, I was sure I’d had a stroke, My regular migraines are now Complex or Complicated Migraines) and they are 8th, 9th and 10th level of hell for sure.

    Hope you didn’t have to have one to write this.


    1. My son used to get migraines so bad he would throw up. He had prescription meds, but couldn’t take them until he felt a headache rising, by then all we could do was get him into a dark, quiet room and hopefully he could sleep it off. I get one, maybe one or two days a month, usually if my thyroid levels are off. They aren’t as bad as my son’s were, but they can still put me into a fetal position and make me very, very grouchy.


  3. My son suffered migraines from the time he was around 4 years old until around the middle school years when he seemed to finally outgrow them. They always made me feel so helpless. I can’t imagine having one.


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