Van Winkle

Awoke late morning
Feeling refreshed and inspired
How long did I sleep?

I don’t usually sleep well. Let me clarify, I can fall asleep easily and anywhere, and have. If I sit still for any length of time, I nod off. Getting to sleep isn’t my problem, staying asleep is – sleep-maintaining insomnia.

During a typical night, I wake up at least four times, if not more, and I can’t seem to sleep past 4:30 a.m. If I do make it to 6, I considered it sleeping in – early morning awakening.

On my worst nights, I have actually wished that I’d get very sick or injured just so I could be medically sedated to finally sleep a straight eight hours. Sleep deprivation makes you imagine really weird things.

I envy Rip Van Winkle and his ability to sleep soundly through his alarm, or if his kids aren’t home, or his spouse is working late, or he’s worried about finances, or, or… everything.

Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL

10 thoughts on “Van Winkle

  1. Besides Law and Order there is very little I love more than napping, sleeping, etc. Well shoes..but.

    The thing is that having children didn’t diminish my abilty and love of sleep…40 did, turning 40 and the years after have me up at 3am with no reason…have me up until midnight, my heart racing, my thoughts following. My mom tells me this is normal, sometimes we talk or text at 3am….but it’s something I am not used to. 😉


  2. my 4yo seems to have a similar affliction. Oh, we can get her asleep…but she wakes frequently, will fight going BACK to bed, and inevitably come to our room by 5am.

    Sigh…I wish it wasn’t so wrong to drug your children 😉


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