button up baby shoes

Make- believe

"For Sale: baby shoes, never worn," ~ attributed to Ernest Hemingway, first published in "Papa," a one-man play written by John DeGroot, 1995. I keep a notebook and pen with me always. Even by my bedside, I have something to write with in case I wake up from a strange dream, or at that tenuous … Continue reading Make- believe

Bulgogi with bok toy and rice


Over the years, I have been fortunate to make friends with some wonderful Korean women. And just like southern American women, southern Korean women love to cook. (I'll have to tell you all some day about learning how to make sushi with Spam.) Under their tutelage, I developed a taste for kim chee and a … Continue reading Bulgogi

crochet pieces and buttons

Magic bus

My menfolk on a recon mission. They're deep into snow weather to meet a man about some car seats. Always tinkering with his project car, my son went online to find some replacement interior pieces. So happens, there was someone in Pennsylvania who had both a driver's and passenger seat, console and door panels from … Continue reading Magic bus

oatmeal cookies

Pity party cookies

I was feeling sorry for myself because I will be alone on the Hallmark Made-up Holiday Saturday, so I made myself some cookies. (They had pineapple and bananas, and gluten-free oatmeal, so they're good for me... right?) The menfolk are on a mission over the weekend. A trip they are taking with my blessing. Still, even if I reject … Continue reading Pity party cookies