Make- believe

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn,” ~ attributed to Ernest Hemingway, first published in “Papa,” a one-man play written by John DeGroot, 1995.

button up baby shoes

I keep a notebook and pen with me always. Even by my bedside, I have something to write with in case I wake up from a strange dream, or at that tenuous boundary between asleep and awake, a thought comes to me. No matter how sure I am that I will remember this fascinating idea come morning, I know I won’t, so I write it down.

When I’m out for my morning walks, or when I get a chance to get out for a once weekly photo hike, I look for unusual images to capture. Things most people may walk by, I stop and turn around. Knowing I will regret it if I don’t get the shot.

Errands around town often lure me into thrift stores and antique shops, where I can find a plethora of interesting trinkets. I turn off the sound on my cell phone so I can surreptitiously take photos of knickknacks, statues, or strange decoration that grab my imagination.

I wander through the musty stalls looking for inspiration, things that help me make up stories to tell.

There is estate jewelry, yellow and curling photos, a priest’s cassock and rosary, old books in German or Latin, still life paintings of fruit and portraits of stoic men, vintage Remington typewriters with words frozen in time along its inky ribbon, and lost violins, their music silenced.

So many tales longing to be told, I simply have to listen.

NaBloPoMo February 2015

3 thoughts on “Make- believe

  1. My first thought at your headline was sadness at no baby to wear the shoes.
    Interesting post. I love old book shops, and have recently started taking my camera with me when walking Maggie. You never know what you’ll see that others miss or take for granted.

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  2. Can I join you in the playground, Tara, because you speak my language . I too , take my camera out and snap things most people would pass by . Musty books mmmmmm!!!!!! . If you ever come to the U.K you must visit HAY-ON WYE (have you ever heard of it ? look on the web) It is a town with almost every shop a book shop …musty ones , new ones , etc …might even be one of yours one day ….a must.

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