Magic bus

crochet pieces and buttons

My menfolk on a recon mission. They’re deep into snow weather to meet a man about some car seats.

Always tinkering with his project car, my son went online to find some replacement interior pieces. So happens, there was someone in Pennsylvania who had both a driver’s and passenger seat, console and door panels from the same year and model of Infiniti Q45 that The Boy has. The car is old, and well used, the interior is the next phase of refurbishing.

Aside: I have to find a new nickname for him, since he really is no longer a Boy.

When I talked with the Mister after they picked up the parts, I got the 411 on the seats. Apparently the trip was well worth the time and miles.

To celebrate another major milestone in the car project, I’m making him a goof. A little something that I think he’ll enjoy, and a joke I think he’ll get.

I found a pattern for a crocheted VW bus. I could potentially have it finished by the time he gets home. I even found faceted buttons that will make great headlamps, and some metallic embroidery thread that will work for chrome trim. Add a set of big black button wheels, felt windows and hood ornament, and it’ll be good to go.

It’s a bit silly to make a grown man a stuff toy, I know, but I don’t care.

NaBloPoMo February 2015

One thought on “Magic bus

  1. It’s a lot silly and pretty unique! And if you’re The Boy and you must admit you have a stuffed toy, how legit to have it be a cool VW that The Moms made? Way better than a silly stuffed bear that a no name girl gave…


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