On the horizon

What kind of future can he have? What kind of future does he want? To go to college, get a good job, find a nice girl, get married, settle down, have a family. Is that the future he wants or the one you want for him? What does that even mean? What’s wrong with wanting […]

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Waking up

A small, subdued group of people gathered around the hospital bed watching the still patient. The rhythmic beating his heart was a regular beep synchronized with the whoosh of his respirator. His visitors hoped for the telltale flicker of an eyelid to tell them he was awake. Alan Poole was coming out of a 15-year […]

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Got money on my mind

“Joel will be acquitted, right?” Francine chased after the public defender assigned to her son’s case. She slipped into the elevator just as the doors shut. “That’s unlikely, he had possession of the stolen money.” PD Guzman pushed the button for the 8th floor court room. “That money could’ve come from anywhere,” Francine’s voice rose. […]

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100 Word Challenge: Song

On his days off from work, sometimes my son will join me when I run errands. I think he likes me to chauffeur him around town and he usually gets a free lunch out of it. My reward for his company is that I get to enjoy listening to his choice in music. When he […]

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100 Word Challenge: Power

skate shoes pile

The division of power in my household is not balanced. I live with two men – my husband of 30 years and my 20-something son. The family dichotomy changed drastically when our older daughter permanently moved out of the our home. It went from an equal male/female ratio to one that is clearly stacked against […]

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Tempus Fugit

large clock face

Baby steps, toddling Time flees irretrievable Blinking, and they’re gone

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