Service with a smile

Picking at an upholstery tear in the showroom chair, she fumed over her second trip that day to get her car serviced. “Having fun yet?” her Mister texted. “He’s running a diagnostic making sure it’s right this time,” she vehemently poked her phone keys. She stared at the service bay window angry enough to burn […]

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100 Word Challenge: Recluse

rusted Willys jeeps

For the past several weeks, I’ve been without a car. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been driving my daughter’s car which has a broken A/C – said broken A/C is the reason I’m driving my daughter’s car. Her dad and I are helping her get it fixed. Not paying for it mind you, but […]

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If wishes were horses

luxury car

I tease my SO about spending a few dollars a week on lottery numbers while I continue trying to win $7,000 a week for life from the ghost of Ed McMahon. Clicking through the inexhaustible pages of yard sale fodder, I keep hoping I’ll find the magical combination of “continues” and search topics to hit […]

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Magic bus

crochet pieces and buttons

My menfolk on a recon mission. They’re deep into snow weather to meet a man about some car seats. Always tinkering with his project car, my son went online to find some replacement interior pieces. So happens, there was someone in Pennsylvania who had both a driver’s and passenger seat, console and door panels from […]

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Do they have an app for that?

I have a horrible memory. It doesn’t matter if I try to remember events from my childhood, or high school, even college or two weeks ago. What I think I remember may not be an actual memory. I might be remembering family stories or making up my own from old photos. When I was very […]

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