Last day of November

Last day of the November… 30 posts.  (well, honestly only 29 posts, I took a mulligan just once.)

I did post somewhere every day. If it was’t here, it was on Facebook or instagram.

That seems to be what has happened to many bloggers. They have set aside their websites and turned most of their online posts to status updates or photo captions.

Not that that is a bad thing, just different.

Before I used Facebook and Instagram so much, and to some degree Twitter, more of my blog posts were personal, or were about my kids. Now, blogs posts are reserved for fiction writing, and personal anecdotes are for social media. 

Seems that the more personal a story is it’s more likely to be shared off-site. Unlike OG blogging where most interaction with visitors happened on a personal website. Now, social media is where you go to… well… socialize.

Perhaps, there can be a happy medium. More personal, first-person stories along with fictional stories. 

It’s a thought… maybe even a New Year’s Resolution,


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