Last day of November

Last day of the November… 30 posts.  (well, honestly only 29 posts, I took a mulligan just once.) I did post somewhere every day. If it was’t here, it was on Facebook or instagram. That seems to be what has happened to many bloggers. They have set aside their websites and turned most of their [...]

1,000 stories

One thousand stories Truth and lies, laughter and tears Bled out through my pen With this haiku, I have published my 1000th post. I am particularly pleased, that three other century posts* were  also haikus. On July 16, I passed my sixth year blogging. I sort of let it slide because, Thin spiral notebook, is [...]

Blog storage

A long while back I took what for me was a huge leap in techno geekery… I started using Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs I like to follow. It was as if heaven opened up and the angels began to sing. No longer did I go one by one down my [...]