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1,000 stories

fountain pen nib

One thousand stories
Truth and lies, laughter and tears
Bled out through my pen

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

With this haiku, I have published my 1000th post. I am particularly pleased, that three other century posts* were  also haikus. On July 16, I passed my sixth year blogging. I sort of let it slide because, Thin spiral notebook, is my second blog. My first, If Mom Says OK, closed on Dec. 13 , 2010, and this one went live later that evening.

While at IMSO, I published 1,078 posts. I hope to move more of those stories over here and share soon.

“Thank you,” to everyone who has stopped by, and who became such wonderful friends. I am especially grateful to all of my friends who came with me to this new place. Your loyalty is humbling.

My other milestone posts:

Meeting God – 100th*
Weirdo – 200th*
Punchline – 300th
Awakening – 400th*
Week 21: Good times – 500th
No direction – 600th
Left to my own devices – 700th
How the cookie crumbles – 800th
A child is born – 900th

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