Not in our stars

Polaris glimmers overhead It casts its light across our path We expect obstacles, perilous travels Our fate decided before our birth We are powerless to alter our course Or so we believe Our heartbeat skips, we quell our fears A foot off our mapped-out passage Deeper through the forest We trudge forward, resolve wavers Doubt says … Continue reading Not in our stars

Cherry lipstick

pitted cherries

She always wore cherry lipstick. A fixture at the Blue Orchid’s karaoke night, Val always sang the same three songs, screeching classical garbage off-key at a volume that made a mic redundant. She'd clutch the microphone in her hands, white knuckled, and plant her lips on the mesh windscreen, leaving behind red smears of greasy wax embedded … Continue reading Cherry lipstick


cafe coffee

I get more done before 7 a.m., before everyone else wakes up, than they get done all day. I don’t demand anything. I don’t nag about broken promises, I just fix it. You’d think that having clean clothes, hot meals, bills paid, all those nice things, they’d have a ‘thank you,’ for me every once in a … Continue reading Therapy