Last day of November

Last day of the November… 30 posts.  (well, honestly only 29 posts, I took a mulligan just once.) I did post somewhere every day. If it was’t here, it was on Facebook or instagram. That seems to be what has happened to many bloggers. They have set aside their websites and turned most of their [...]

One person’s story

Today was the day I said my fancy words during physical therapy. I said it under by breath, only said one word, but it needed to be said because that shit hurt. My self-censure was in deference to the nice older gentleman on the table beside me. He is recovering from a repeat hip replacement. [...]

I jinxed it

Got the surgical staples removed from my knee today, I was disappointed that I still have to use a walker. Doc wants me to have a little more range of motion before transitioning to a cane. The good news though, is that I can move back to my own bed now. Without the staples, sleeping [...]