Out of the Darkness 2019

Last week’s storm was pretty much a non-starter. We got some cloud cover, a spitting of rain but no wind to speak of. Inland states were affected more by Tropical Storm Nestor than the Florida Panhandle.

There was no run on a stark grocery stores. My neighbors weren’t in a panic trying to stock up on bottle water and canned goods. Gas stations didn’t run out of high octane and there were no floods or power outages.

All in all it was kind of boring. We were still under a storm warning so things got canceled including a special event I had planned for months.

I was set to participate in the Emerald Coast Out of the Darkness Walk in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It was moved to November 16.

This will be my second walk. Unfortunately, I lost someone else to suicide since the last event. This year, I again walk to remember Anastacia and now, J.T.

If you have lost someone to suicide or someone you love is a survivor or has contemplated that tragic path and came out of the darkness, I’ll walk in their honor too. If you’d like to leave me their names, I’ll keep their memory with me as I walk.

[I’m extending the 100 Word Challenge:Disaster for another week. Bring on your 100 Words using “Disaster” as your inspiration. Add your story in the comments, or add your link here.]

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