I jinxed it

Got the surgical staples removed from my knee today, I was disappointed that I still have to use a walker. Doc wants me to have a little more range of motion before transitioning to a cane. The good news though, is that I can move back to my own bed now. Without the staples, sleeping … Continue reading I jinxed it

Sample ballot

Early voting in Florida’s general election (we're deciding on a new governor, one senator, one representative and various and sundry amendments to the state constitution) is open until Nov. 3. Even though I’m hobbled with this wonky, but healing knee, the Mister is toting me to our local precinct this week to vote ahead of … Continue reading Sample ballot

Cherry lipstick

pitted cherries

She always wore cherry lipstick. A fixture at the Blue Orchid’s karaoke night, Val always sang the same three songs, screeching classical garbage off-key at a volume that made a mic redundant. She'd clutch the microphone in her hands, white knuckled, and plant her lips on the mesh windscreen, leaving behind red smears of greasy wax embedded … Continue reading Cherry lipstick


cafe coffee

I get more done before 7 a.m., before everyone else wakes up, than they get done all day. I don’t demand anything. I don’t nag about broken promises, I just fix it. You’d think that having clean clothes, hot meals, bills paid, all those nice things, they’d have a ‘thank you,’ for me every once in a … Continue reading Therapy