I get more done before 7 a.m., before everyone else wakes up, than they get done all day.

I don’t demand anything. I don’t nag about broken promises, I just fix it.

You’d think that having clean clothes, hot meals, bills paid, all those nice things, they’d have a ‘thank you,’ for me every once in a while, but no. They just pick, pick, pick about all the stuff they think I haven’t done for them.

Is it too much to expect a little gratitude for all that I do?

I really couldn’t say, Ma’am. Here’s the change for your frappuccino.

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10 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Nice twist at the end Tara. I worked in a cafe once and it really is a place to hear all the gossip. Unfortunately for me I spent most of the time dropping stuff on the floor 🙂



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  2. Your last line was a delightful surprise.
    I’ve worked as a bartender and waitress. I know how the person speaking that line feels!
    I also know the feeling of saying too much to people in such positions, and then feeling the fool.

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