In the same boat

The Harbor used to be a safe place to visit, now it’s getting overrun with grudges. Everywhere you turn there’s a grudge – big, small, young, old. Their gullets wide and deep enough to swallow all those hurt feelings and anger. Can’t walk ten steps without tripping over a grudge.

That one over there? That’s an old one. Seems a neighbor’s kid said something nasty about another neighbor’s kid when they were in third grade… 20 years ago. Time for that one to fly south and stay there.

See the one perched on the life vest over there? That one flew in when a studious college roommate had the audacity to tell her party girl roommate to stop calling in the middle of the night when she was out drinking. It was finals week, dammit.

The greedy one over there stealing fish kibble from the other grudges? He is a carryover from a wedding reception where the bride’s mom only brought the groom an opened-faced sandwich. Get over it. How many slices of bread is one grudge worth?

Listen to that racket. Those squabbling grudges are exes angry at each other for simultaneously dating the other’s best friend after the break-up. You’d think the grudges would be all about the friends, and not each other.

Those two over there, the ones snapping at each other all the time, the ones that look so much alike… siblings.The sister thinks their parents favored the brother more, and the brother thinks their parents were too lenient on the sister. Neither is right.

The big and little grudges out on the pier are fighting over the same guy. One is a second wife, the other the daughter. Their jealousy over attention and time backfired. They both lost out on that grudge fight.

Look at that flock of grudges. Must be an office drama – plotting and subletting, backstabbing, credit stealing, boss flirting, fish and broccoli microwaving, inconsiderate lunch thieving, promotion poaching, malicious gossiping, supplies purloining, always late running, coffee pot emptying, and worthless nephew hiring. It’s amazing the weight of all those grudges hasn’t sunk the ship.

I suppose, if you want to harbor a grudge this is the place to do it. The slips are big enough for just about anything so everybody can be in the same boat.

Inspiration: Harbored grudges

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