Sample ballot

Early voting in Florida’s general election (we’re deciding on a new governor, one senator, one representative and various and sundry amendments to the state constitution) is open until Nov. 3. Even though I’m hobbled with this wonky, but healing knee, the Mister is toting me to our local precinct this week to vote ahead of the official Nov. 6 date.

As usual, some of the legislative choices come down to ‘lesser of two evils.” Do I cast a ballot for the Senate candidate that shares my declared political party (even if I think he’s a clone of He Who Shall Not Be Named and just as nefarious) or the Do-Nothing incumbent who has a dreadful track record of being absent for key committee votes but has a stellar professional reputation..

Do I vote for a Same Party candidate, who, on paper, would make a decent governor or the Other Party opponent who has the cloud of an FBI investigation hanging over his head? Okay, that one’s easy.

I also get to help select a State Representative. I know who I’m voting for and I confess, I’m splitting the ticket. Voting for a candidate I think bests fit the office, as opposed to voting along strict party lines.

There are also 10 referendums to address.

Some examples:

No. 13 – phases out commercial dog racing.
No. 7 – Mandatory payment of death benefits for first responder and military member survivors
No. 12 – Expands restrictions on lobbying by former and currently serving public officers

Other amendments appear to be just housekeeping items, except this one:

No. 9 – Prohibits Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling AND Prohibits Vaping in Enclosed Indoor Workplaces,

Because people who vape, would also not object to oil rigs in the Gulf, right?

Now, I have to decide what is more important to me… restricting drilling in local waters AND banning vaping at the office, or supporting expanding U.S. fuel sources AND e-cig work breaks… because the two are totally related concerns.


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