Civic duty

I heard the words, “home-bound” for the first time earlier this week and had that tilt-your-head-like-a-puppy-hearing-a-dog-whistle moment.

Just hadn’t thought of it, just figured we must have really great medical insurance to have a physical therapist come the house. Nope, apparently it’s considered a medical necessity after such surgery if you cannot leave your house on your own – like driving. I won’t be able to drive by myself for several more weeks.

Wednesday was the first time I left my house since my surgery on the 23rd, and then it was only to walk from my house to the mailbox with my walker and, under the watchful eyes of my Mister and physical therapist

In any other situation, staying close to home probably wouldn’t have been all that unusual (with the exception of daily mail checks and occasional grocery runs) but when you CAN’T leave – read: need assistance to walk – the restriction is almost unbearable.

Today, I ventured outside… away from my house… in a car (Mister was driving) and went to…


That’s right, the first place away from home I went when the opportunity arose, was to do my civic duty and vote in the mid-term elections, casting my ballot for the next Florida Governor, U.S Senator and U.S Representative.

It’s important. Get out and Vote. No excuses.


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