Paisley, rosemary, and time

Previously: Paisley, rosemary, and time

A while back, my writerly, author-type friend, Lance and I collaborated on a couple of serial stories.

We each had created a character who was both female and fatal. Independent of one another we had brought forth Millicent and Pauley.

Millicent was a hired killer with a penchant for poisons, particularly those that she can inject.

Pauley, the daughter of a mafia boss, was also an assassin. Her weapons of choice were firearms, a sniper rifle being her usual MO.

We teamed Millicent and Pauley together when we wrote, “Dead Money,” and “Brazilian Job.” Over time, the two formed a reluctant, but abiding friendship.

The last we heard of them, Millicent had relocated to Morocco (one of a rare few countries which do not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.). Pauley was happily married to Stan, who took over the crime family from Pauley’s father, and they had just had a baby. Millicent was honorary Auntie M.

Lance has since boarded up his old blog, “My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog,” but still haunts the halls of the Face of Books – that is when he’s not standing up and being comedic. (If you want to read the previous shenanigans of Pauley and Millicent, you’ll have to be satisfied with only my half of the story. *shakes a fist at Lance*

I recently began a new WIP which opens with a murder… a poisoning murder. So of course, I thought of my old friend, Millie (she hates being called that, by the way.) After making discreet inquiries as to her current whereabouts, Lance assured me the irrepressible Cinnamon Girl was up for another adventure.

You can read the first few installments of the new story, “Paisley, Rosemary, and Time,”  in my WIP section, “Page One”. You’ll find them at the top of the archive list.

The next episode is penned by Lance, and is a prequel to the opening action. My next chapter will pick back up with the main characters, June Chapel and Sean Webster. All of the upcoming episodes will be published here… in the Thin spiral notebook.

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