Stone cold killer

Stone cold killer

Previously: "Paisley, rosemary, and time." Homicide Det. Sean Webster and June Chapel, social worker and advocate for Paisley Fleming, sat in a police interview room comparing notes in the investigation into the murder of Selene and Todd, Paisley’s parents. The couple, found dead in their hotel room, had been poisoned. Their daughter was a material [...]

Gin joints

Stan felt a of rush of déjà vu standing on the tarmac with Pauley, only this time he was holding her hand, not carrying her, drugged and unconscious, onto a plane. “A lot different from the last time, huh?” Pauley liked to tease Stan about his part in her involuntary exile with her mother and [...]

A game we play

*Catch up with the adventures of Pauley and Millicent, beginning with “Dead Money.” This week, read Lance's chapter first, “Shake it Out," then come back here for the second installment. Stan and Lenore watched as Pauley and Millicent walked out to the porch. Millicent’s arm protectively hooked around her friend’s elbow. Pauley was laughing. “You [...]