Gin joints

airport tarmac

Stan felt a of rush of déjà vu standing on the tarmac with Pauley, only this time he was holding her hand, not carrying her, drugged and unconscious, onto a plane.

“A lot different from the last time, huh?” Pauley liked to tease Stan about his part in her involuntary exile with her mother and newly discovered father – Stan’s former boss and organization kingpin.

“You know why I did that,” Stan stiffened. “I had little choice, but I knew you’d be safe with Butch and Gail, even if Butch had lost his friggin’ mind.”

Pauley squeezed Stan’s hand with both of hers. smiling “I know, and I forgive you.”

“You two should just get a room,” Millicent sounded bored. “Oh, I forgot, you already did.”

Pauley let go of Stan’s hand and put her arms around Millicent’s shoulder.

“Don’t be jealous Auntie Millie, I still love you too.”

Lenore snorted, not bothering to cover her laughter.

Millicent shrugged off Pauley’s hug. “Did you get the money and jewelry?”

Handing Millicent a leather satchel filled with assets rescued from her home and store, Lenore turned then handed Stan a folded newspaper.

“We made the news,” she said. “It says that Tomas and two of his crew fled the city after the shootings. The in-fighting for control is destroying the Sampas cartel.”

“And the fires?” Pauley took the paper from Stan and flipped through the pages. “Oh, here we are.”

A small article, buried deep inside the local section, mentioned fires at the home and boutique of a local businesswoman. No bodies were recovered, but Vivian Alves, her housekeeper, and young shop assistant were all presumed dead.

After reading the articles, Millicent refolded the paper then tucked it inside the satchel. “Neatly handled Stanley, I’m impressed.”

“I do have some skills,” he said. “It’s time to go. You call me when you and Millicent land.”

Pauley kissed Stan good-bye, promising to say hello to her parents for him.

“I won’t be gone long, just enough to get Millie settled and explore Casablanca with her.”

Before joining Pauley on the plane, Millicent Stingely, in an uncharacteristic moment, hugged Stanley.

“Thank you for all you’ve done for me, and thank you for Paulette.” Millicent stepped away to then pull Lenore into a brief embrace. “Good luck.”

Straightening, she turned abruptly and strode to the waiting Gulfstream.

“That was unexpected,” Stan was visibly shaken.

Lenore waved at a smiling Pauley, who was watching them from her window seat aboard the plane.

“Senhorita Millicent will always be a mistério.” Lenore said. “I hope to see her again some day.”

“I think that can be arranged,” Stan waved at Pauley too, then blew her a kiss. “Our plane is here, You ready?”

Digging in her bag, Lenore pulled out a green ball cap, and shoved it on her head. “Go Jets!”

*The final chapters in the latest adventure of Pauley and Millicent (aka Vivian), and their Brazilian Job. To read more about these two killer ladies, begin with “Dead Money.” The second chapter in this week’s installment is “Best Friend,” written by published author, Lance Burson.

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