Wake up call

pay phone

The ringing woke her from a deep sleep, but Millicent didn’t mind.

“Tell me everything!”

The caller, near panic, was hyperventilating. “I had to get out of there, I couldn’t breathe.”

Millicent’s smile quickly turned to a scowl.

“Man up, you big baby!” She yelled into her phone. “If you mess this up, I’ll shoot you myself, if she doesn’t beat me to it.”

Twenty minutes later, a calmer Stan was holding his newborn daughter. “Welcome to the world Muriel Claire.”

Pauley smiled at her husband. “You better call Aunt M again, and tell her our little bambina is here.”

This week’s challenge is inspired by Woke Up This Morning,” by Alabama 3

At the end of Brazilian Job, Pauley dropped a bomb on Stan, making a vague reference to a possible pregnancy. I felt it was time to announce both Pauley and Stan’s nuptials, and the arrival of their baby. Who knows… we might be hearing more from our lady assassin.