Pauley, a young contract killer, is an expert marksman – a sniper, who is also fatally skilled with handguns.

She was introduced in Soul Food, and returned in Good neighbors. Backstories from  Pauley’s life include:

Driving since midnight
Crisis of conscience
Gail: a life disrupted
Wake Up Call

Pauley has paired up with Millicent, The Cinnamon Girl, a chemist with a penchant for poisoning. She is another female assassin created by Lance from My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog.

Millicent’s backstories:

Blood and Sand
Pretty Vacant

Together they are featured in, “Dead Money”:

Part 1 – Let it go to voice mail
Part 2 – Remedy 
Part 3 – Dressed to Kill
Part 4 – She’s in Fashion
Part 5 – Keep your enemies closer
Part 6 – Hustle and Cuss
Part 7 – Clothes make the woman
Part 8 – Divine Thing
Part 9 – Girls night out
Part 10 – All the plans
Part 11 – Family obligations
Part 12 – The Jack 
Part 13 – All in
Part 14 – She’s So Mean
Part 15 – Criminal
Part 16 – Big blind
Part 17 – Name Dropping
Part 18 – The Quiet Things
Part 19 – Lies people tell
Part 20 – Runaways
Part 21 – Return to the scene
Part 22 – This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen
Part 23 – When it hits the fan
Part 24 – Getting Even
Part 25 – Flight plan
Part 26 – Go To Sleep
Part 27 – Plane Geometry
Part 28 – Epilogue – You Found Me

More from Pauley and Millicent (Vivian), their “Brazilian Job”:

Girl from Ipanema
Hello, It’s Me
Passing notes
Brazilian Blend
I want you around
Point and shoot
Ain’t It Heavy
Out going mail
Fake it
Walk a mile in my shoes
Pretty in pink
It’s Time
Without a prayer
In Every Direction
Just the Facts
Rainbow in the dark
Parallel Universe
Rollercoaster of Love
The new kid
Sweet Dreams
One lump or two
El Scorcho
Armed and dangerous
Ready to go
Up on the roof
I’m not an Angel
Dead man walking
Great Expectations
Taking aim
The Dead Heart
Judgment Day
Crawling in the dark
In for the Kill
With a little help from my friends
Resume normal
Machine Gun Blues
Shake it Out
A game we play
Gin Joints
Best Friend

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