No good deed…

laptop charge cable chewed through

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

Save a life, and how is your benevolence repaid? Your lifeline, the thing that connects you to the world, your family, your friends, is severed.

Not cut with the finesse and skill of a surgeon, but mangled slowly, painfully, like a wild animal caught in a trap forced to gnaw its own limb off to escape.

I will lose sleep over this misery, grieving those lost connections. The interminable wait for deliverance from this startling isolation may be my undoing. Will I be forgotten while in my unjust exile?

What ever will become of me?

Sayuki, of Five LIttle Kittens fame, chewed through my laptop charger cord. I am working on limited and quickly dwindling battery power. I am faced with either purchasing a new cord, or repairing my damaged one. Either way, the wait will be nearly unbearable.
  1. Four legged children
    Can has the laptop doghouse?
    Wait…make that cat house

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  2. Why, that little ungrateful …

    🙂 That’s why they’re so cute, self-preservation.

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