Help Save Momma Cat & Kittens

newborn kittens

Without bias, I can say that my son has the biggest heart of anyone I know. This young man, who has struggled with health issues pretty much his whole life, is immensely compassionate and empathetic, especially towards helpless creatures.

When we adopted our dog, Asta, Kyle asked his dad to search for a rescue who was physically challenged. He wanted us to find those pets that no one else wanted. Our cat, Issy, who joined our family after Asta, also met that requirement. She has chronic cystitis and must have a special diet to keep it managed.

We call our home the Island of Misfit Toys.

Which brings us to late Wednesday. My son calls home around 10:30 p.m. Late night calls always get me a little panicky. I misunderstood him at first and thought he was at the emergency room. He was, but it was the after-hours veterinary ER.

He has a friend who’s cat just had kittens. The mama cat developed a mammary infection and she was unable to nurse her kits – five 3-week olds. The family allegedly was doing nothing for the mom, and according to my son, were only haphazardly trying to feed the babies.

That was unsatisfactory.

He liberated the mom and took her to the emergency vet in town. Once she was tended to, he went back for the kits. All of them are now refugees in our home. Kyle emphatically told us that he wasn’t going to let these cats die, so he took them.

Kyle is taking on all the financial obligations for this little furry family, including the ER bill, the milk replacement formal and bottles, any additional vet care the mom and kittens will need, spaying the mother once she is healthy, and first shots for the kits so we can find them happy forever homes.

On his mechanics salary, that obligation is going to be tough to maintain. The ER bill alone took half of his last paycheck.

To help him out, his sister set up a GoFundMe page for the kittens and their mom. If any of you would like to help him, help them, please think about donating to this GFM… Help Save Momma Cat & Kittens

(This GFM page is no longer active.)

Any funds collected beyond what is needed to provide for the kittens and mama cat, will be donated to a local animal rescue refuge.

We thank you! Mama Chaz, and babies Latifah, Remy, Marshall, Action, and O’Shea thank you…

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