No good deed…

laptop charge cable chewed through

“No good deed goes unpunished.” Save a life, and how is your benevolence repaid? Your lifeline, the thing that connects you to the world, your family, your friends, is severed. Not cut with the finesse and skill of a surgeon, but mangled slowly, painfully, like a wild animal caught in a trap forced to gnaw its […]

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100 Word Challenge: A minus

keyboard A

I’m one of those messy people who eats while working at my laptop. That means tiny crumbs and not so tiny orts (my favorite crossword puzzle word) get sprinkled all over my keyboard. Owning my messiness, I’ve taken prophylactic measures to protect the inner workings of my precious MacBook. A silicone cover fits snuggly over […]

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100 Word Challenge: Habit

charge cord repair

Over the weekend, my laptop power cord started dying. It’s been acting wonky for a while, even has a few red, electrical tape bandages. It’s one of those MagSafe power adapters that is supposed to have a quick-release detachment if the cord is yanked out. It works, but not without consequence. I’ve nutted up the […]

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Panic mode

When I sat down last night to edit my photos for this week’s SiMC, I had a full-blown panic attack… I feared that the above photo was all I’d get to share. My 4+ year old laptop is in her final death throes. While this is a First World Problem, I’m more than a little […]

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One bad apple

An apple a day Feeds my Internet habit This one is rotten Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL. My poor, little, 5-year-old Apple MacBook is slowly, and painfully dying. She was ill last winter and underwent some lengthy rehab, but this time, I think she not long for this world. It makes me […]

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Week 11: 365 Project

It was a sort of hit and miss week. One day I would get out to take photos, the next day I’d be stuck in the house all day. The continuing nice weather is making it easier to take off during the day and get some different sorts of shots. 1. fedoras, 2. secrets, 3. […]

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Laptop mutiny

Last week, without warning, my laptop mutinied against me. A dark grey band appeared on the screen, almost dead center, obscuring anything beneath it, and forcing me to adjust any open windows back and forth, to be able to read what’s there. A quick poll of my Innernetz friends narrowed down the problem to either […]

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