New additions

Mother cat and kitten

Last week my son and I took off on a road trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. Well… that’s what we told the ‘rents. The actual reason for the trip was to deliver our last Little Kitten to her Forever Home, seeing grandparents was an added bonus.

A dear friend fell in love with Remy, the fourth kitten from the litter of five my son rescued. We packed our car with pet carriers, a traveling litter box, and a new kitten starter-kit. We also had a few things packed for ourselves.

Remy, a sassy girl with black hair and white socks, was delivered to Maggie and Mitch Herndon. We met in Chattanooga for the hand-off. Maggie said that Remy slept most of the way back to her new home. I promised there would be no tears.

I could not have picked a better family for her. They renamed her Biscuit, or Bizzy for short, and from reports, she has made herself completely at home.

Mom Cat and the last Little Kitten are joining my family of furkind. To commemorate their new life, they both were also given new names. Chaz is now Mia (Momma Mia) and Latifah was renamed Sayuki (or Say-Say).

(Say was named after a character in the Initial D sports manga series – a female street racer.)

Along with big sister, Issy, I am now a card-carrying Cat Lady. (Get off my lawn!)

The other three kittens – boys, Action and O’Shea went to local families, and Missy was adopted by a young couple whose last name is Elliott. That one seemed fated.

Taking in a sick mother cat and five kittens under two weeks old, was an exciting and often exhausting adventure. I won’t say I regret it – how could I regret saving six lives. I can say I hope to never have to do it again.

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