A haunting

old junked car interior

He is going to get away with it.

I’ll be out here until my bones are bleached white, or carried off by coyotes.

It’s ironic that I always wanted him to bring me out here, before. He talked about this place with the closest thing to love that I ever heard from him. It makes me wonder why I’m here. I haven’t seen him since he left, but then, don’t know why he’d come back.

People looking for me, will go to him first. Questioning him about where I am. My friends and family never did like him. They knew. They knew he had a vicious temper. They saw the bruises, saw how possessive and jealous he was.

When it was good, it was great. It just wasn’t so great very much lately. It’s been really awful.

That’s why I went to Jenny. She was forever telling me I could come to her, that she was there for me if I needed help. Only, I’m afraid I waited too long. He found out I had reached out to her and he took me away.

His anger this time was crazy. I didn’t recognize him.

It all happened so quickly, I don’t think he realized what he was doing until I was gone. I didn’t realize it. There wasn’t any visceral impulse to fight back. I just gave in, gave up.

Maybe that’s why I’m still hanging around. Shouldn’t I be walking into the light, or something? I don’t think I should be stuck in this rusty POS. There aren’t even any seats in here. I’m sitting on an old wheel. All the windows are broken, there’s a hole in the floorboard, and I think there’s a rat’s nest under the passenger side carpet.

Doesn’t really matter. I can’t feel cold or rain. I’m not hungry or tired. Bored. That’s mostly what I feel, bored. And, angry.

If I have to stick around, why can’t I be haunting him. Put a little fear of God into him, make him sorry he ever hurt me. Nope, I’m stuck in his old truck. Just adding insult to injury.

Someone is going to figure it out, and come out here. He’ll never convince anyone that I just took off, left without telling my parents I was leaving. Jenny will say something.

I have to be ready when the authorities show up. I’ll get a message to them somehow.

This can’t be how it ends. It can’t be…

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8 thoughts on “A haunting

  1. Her determination, even in death, sent chills up my spine.
    He’ll get what he deserves for hurting her and her soul will rest in peace once that happens. At least that is my dearest hope for her.


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