The end is near

What has gone before: Goodwood Duxford tales... “While you’ve been here with Grace, the ladies and I have been over at The Magpie,” said Lilith, a newly-deceased resident of Gramberly Cemetery and best friend of Goodwood “Goody” Duxford, cemetery caretaker. “Patsy has quite the library of paranormal reference books.” Goody, Lilith, Frankie (Goody’s girlfriend), Grace (another … Continue reading The end is near

Rest stop

The day was grey and lifeless. Few other cars or trucks shared the road with Bobby. His usual route took him through small towns and farming communities, down abandoned rural highways that paralleled the new Interstate. Once popular truck stops, decaying diners and gas stations were now repurposed thrift stores and church-bazaar home decor outlets. … Continue reading Rest stop

So, it begins

The plain, wooden cross, skillfully constructed from weathered, white-washed fence slats, appeared overnight in St. Anthony Gardens at the neglected burial site of a nameless decedent. Great care had been given to crafting a traditional grave marker, one that was reverent and not pretentious as were so many of the monolithic tributes in the cemetery. … Continue reading So, it begins

angel grave statue

Cookies and sammiches

It was always a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, none of that pasty store-bought dough. That prefab cookies taste is like drinking instant coffee, you can immediately tell the difference. It wouldn’t matter, Maisie would never take shortcuts where Nell was concerned. She deserved the best. All of Maisie's friends tried to dissuade her from … Continue reading Cookies and sammiches

macro of white feather

Making peace

The campfire burnt low, its glowing embers sacrificing no warmth to the ebony night. Long shadows stretched toward the treeline, reaching out bony fingers towards the deepening darkness. The moonless sky, stippled with pinpricks of light, hung like a shroud over the woods. Kia sat cross-legged by the dying fire, humming her tribe’s funeral song. … Continue reading Making peace