Making peace

macro of white feather

The campfire burnt low, its glowing embers sacrificing no warmth to the ebony night. Long shadows stretched toward the treeline, reaching out bony fingers towards the deepening darkness. The moonless sky, stippled with pinpricks of light, hung like a shroud over the woods. Kia sat cross-legged by the dying fire, humming her tribe’s funeral song. […]

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Yonder copse

pine tree grove at the end of a sandy trail

In yonder copse, where the trail shies from the cursed wood, a secret dwells. Ghost stories shared around a dying campfire tell of a child who wandered into the trees while chasing fireflies, never again seen. Enchanted by the tiny, twinkling luminescence, the child pirouetted and leapt around the glade. A carpet of emerald moss […]

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Strange happenings

shadows through a window

The house groaned. A mournful sound that made the hairs on Lotte’s arms stand up. Carrying an old ball bat, she tiptoed down the hallway, her weapon at the ready to smash any intruder she found lurking around a corner. Basil slowly followed her, humoring her insistence that their home was haunted. “What do you […]

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Narrow passage

narrow white brick passage

Whitewashed prison walls Spirits haunt stark, narrow halls A mournful voice calls Photo taken at Fort Barrancass, aboard Naval Air Station, Pensacola.

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Secret weapon

cemetery grief bench

Goodwood Duxford tales… “This all has me so discombobulated.” Goodwood Duxford sat next to Grace Leighton on a small, concrete, grieving bench near her grave site. He was seeking the dearly-departed, Widow Leighton’s help in quashing a wraith uprising. An uprising much like the one that killed Goody’s great-grandfather, Egbert. “How can I help you […]

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Down in flames

flaming flower

Goodwood Duxford tales… Sparks bloomed where his incendiary words dropped to the ground, erupting in tiny bursts of orange, red, and gold, searing a path through the tall grass. Heat trailed after him, a tsunami of shimmering wildfire in his wake. Harlan Beaumont’s nefarious nature, a residual natal nuance, was a family trait that had […]

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