Stay with the classics

Thumbing though her tattered Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, Elise muttered to herself. “This job screams, ‘classic’,” she said. “But, he doesn’t want ordinary.” Filled to overflowing with a sundry of keepsakes - handwritten notes, old newspaper clippings, yellowed photographs, movie tickets - the binder was Elise’s manual of mayhem. It was where she kept all … Continue reading Stay with the classics

Drawing blood

Previously: Paisley, rosemary, and time A half-eaten deli sub, still partially wrapped in its butcher paper sleeve, lay bleeding olive oil on Det. Sean Webster’s desk. His rumpled shirt and tie were splattered with the greasy effluence and tiny orts of focaccia dotted the thighs of his dark, too-tight pants. June Chapel sat across from … Continue reading Drawing blood


The good news was that I woke up face up, the bad news was I was alone in a marsh of yellow wildflowers in the middle of nowhere. After wondering where I was and why I was there, I thought that under normal circumstances the tiny daisies were sort of pretty, in a random, out-of-focus … Continue reading Wildflowers

Number Seven

“Who called it in?” Det. Jacobs pulled on a pair of nitrile gloves before accepting a scarf sealed in a plastic bag from one of the many police officers at the crime scene. “Those kids over there,” Sgt. Cross pointed toward two teenage boys sitting on a bench 10 yards away talking to an investigator. … Continue reading Number Seven