red wine in a glass

“D’rum, d’rum, d’rum, d’rrrrrrumm, d’rrrrrrummmmm, er d’ruh, er d’ruh, errrr d’rum.” It wasn’t his gibberish that woke her. He was speaking so softly, she had to lean in close to hear what he was saying. What woke her was it wasn’t his usual train-engine snoring. Every night for weeks, he repeated the word, “d’rum.” He … Continue reading Somniloquy


nature art

A small crowd of people milled around the featured painting speaking in hushed tones and casting furtive glances over the shoulders of competing bidders in attempts to read scribbled notes in auction catalogs. The artist, a virtual unknown a year ago, was considered a modern master with his canvases fetching record bids. His posthumous popularity … Continue reading Masterpiece