Vicious violin

violin in case

“It is a violent, discordant assault on the ears!” James stomped around Wei’s apartment, his hands pressed firmly over his ears. His heavy footfalls made the vintage LP skip on Wei’s turntable. She put out both arms, grabbing him by the shoulders to stop his pacing. She wanted to put her hands around his neck, […]

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Long winter’s nap

swimming turtle

White puffs of steam escaped Wentz’s fists as he blew on his hands to warm his cold, tingling fingers, The bright sunshine did little to warm the frigid winter air. He leaned on the railing of the wooden boardwalk watching a bale of snapping turtles in the creek below grazing on the remains of summer […]

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red wine in a glass

“D’rum, d’rum, d’rum, d’rrrrrrumm, d’rrrrrrummmmm, er d’ruh, er d’ruh, errrr d’rum.” It wasn’t his gibberish that woke her. He was speaking so softly, she had to lean in close to hear what he was saying. What woke her was it wasn’t his usual train-engine snoring. Every night for weeks, he repeated the word, “d’rum.” He […]

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Kill ’em with kindness

small voodoo doll

For one brief, hopeful moment, Earle believed that he might make it out of his predicament alive, but then she stopped smiling. As far as murderers go, Trixie was exceptionally polite, remembering to say, “please,” and “thank you,” while she was tying him to a kitchen chair, and when she asked him where he kept […]

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Attention to details

old dirty sink

Take this as a constructive critique, I know you’re still learning. It’s not enough to simply do the job you were hired to do. It’s like agreeing to cater a party, only baking a cake, then leaving the kitchen a complete disaster. Pay attention to the smallest of details. It is simply good manners to […]

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nature art

A small crowd of people milled around the featured painting speaking in hushed tones and casting furtive glances over the shoulders of competing bidders in attempts to read scribbled notes in auction catalogs. The artist, a virtual unknown a year ago, was considered a modern master with his canvases fetching record bids. His posthumous popularity […]

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