End of the trail

marsh boardwalk

  The boardwalk zig-zagged through the titi forest, high above a saw palmetto marsh. Dragonflies hummed through the humid air and green anoles skittered from shadow to shadow seeking refuge from the blistering sun. With luck, she would have the trails to herself. The park was merely a bump in the road, hidden from plain […]

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Walled in


“I had finished a portion of the last and the eleventh; there remained but a single stone to be fitted and plastered in.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe, The Cask of Amontillado Where first the screams were like music to his ears, now they threaten to drive him mad. Eógan knew he should have stayed away, […]

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dried flower pods

It was almost midnight. A Cheshire Cat moon hung above the beach, its smug smile mocking her undoing. It was a still evening. The winter wind kept people inside, out of the bleak darkness. A body lay on a blanket spread out over the sand. Susanne stood to one side, unmoving, as the cold seeped […]

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So shall you reap

cows behind a barbed wire fence

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale Charles Parker’s drinking was as predictable as night following day. When Lester Branch first pondered how to get rid of the hard-drinking, bad-tempered, wife-beating, child-killing bastard, he counted on the man being drunk when he showed up for work that day. His father, Russell, refused to hire the […]

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A haunting

old junked car interior

He is going to get away with it. I’ll be out here until my bones are bleached white, or carried off by coyotes. It’s ironic that I always wanted him to bring me out here, before. He talked about this place with the closest thing to love that I ever heard from him. It makes […]

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Ooh that smell

display of fresh produce

If only high school science fair projects had been as much fun, Nora might not be in the predicament she found herself now. Maybe, she would have gone on to college, married a good man, found a good job, and be living the American dream – a two-story house in the suburbs, 1.13 children, a two-car garage, […]

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