Wayward gulls

jetty and seagulls

More of Andrew's story... A handful of breadcrumbs cast in the air brought a screech of gulls swooping down on the jetty. The birds always congregated on the narrow finger of shells and sand that jutted out into the bay feasting on mussels and tiny hermit crabs, and scraps from tourists and fishermen. Nori zipped … Continue reading Wayward gulls

So shall you reap

cows behind a barbed wire fence

The story so far... Old Wives' Tale Charles Parker’s drinking was as predictable as night following day. When Lester Branch first pondered how to get rid of the hard-drinking, bad-tempered, wife-beating, child-killing bastard, he counted on the man being drunk when he showed up for work that day. His father, Russell, refused to hire the … Continue reading So shall you reap

Submarine races

glass bottle litter

Jasper wandered around in circles, absently kicking at the glass bottles and other detritus discarded on the fringes of the underbrush. An obviously man-made cul-de-sac at the end of a dirt road hidden behind the scrub pines along the highway right-of-way, the clearing overlooked a stretch of shoreline that was accessible only by climbing down … Continue reading Submarine races

How the cookie crumbles

close up of Lab face

A monster storm was coming. The cool and calm weather outside the mall was misleading. I knew I could be walking into a maelstrom. Rabbi Lazar chose Arbor Park Town Center for our meeting. She thought the outdoor mall would be less intimidating than an austere office setting. Previous sessions had been horribly unproductive, verging … Continue reading How the cookie crumbles