How the cookie crumbles

close up of Lab face

A monster storm was coming. The cool and calm weather outside the mall was misleading. I knew I could be walking into a maelstrom. Rabbi Lazar chose Arbor Park Town Center for our meeting. She thought the outdoor mall would be less intimidating than an austere office setting. Previous sessions had been horribly unproductive, verging […]

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Cover story

toy wagon of wooden blocks

I was silently swearing as I finished up my household chores. I was running late. Today was the day when I make contact with my handler, and if I missed the exchange, lives could be lost. I was going to the thrift store. A location that didn’t draw attention, but with an abundance of places […]

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Hey, baby

Old gas station signs

She used to make fun of her dad whenever he’d take their family down all those back country roads during summer vacations. Shunning the heavily trafficked interstates, he would say that the old roads had character, that they were a time capsule of a quieter, slower time. Along the way he would point out various […]

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Home free

johnboat on lake shore

Rose could hear the searchers calling her name as they hunted the woods for any signs of her. The voices were moving away from the lake shore. Perhaps they feared finding her bloated body floating facedown in the water. Instead, they seemed to be moving back up the hill toward the house. She imagined them […]

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Battle royal

moonlight in the trees

Mocking the silver moon’s domain, Fingers of sunshine blaze along bare tree limbs. The waning light yearns to linger, Clinging fiercely to earth any way it can. Day defies night’s dominion, Casting its own crimson radiance. A gaudy rival to pearlescent white. Jealous of Luna’s power of persuasion. Shadows lengthen, sunlight fades. A final flash […]

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