Moth to the flame

open street lamp

Grey clouds take over the sun, plunging the city into a premature night. Streetlights flutter on, like reluctant children being rudely awaken.

Hunched on a park bench, I watch moths surrendering to the flames, and flinch with each crackle and sizzle. If I stand on tip-toe, balancing on the back of the seat, I can Just. About. Reach. The lamp shutter, still ajar from earlier attempts to touch the light, taunts me to stretch a little higher.

Examining my black, singed fingertips, I wonder why I can’t feel any pain, only to conclude I have already slipped into darkness.

This week’s challenge is inspired by Slippin’ into Darkness,” by WAR

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

7 thoughts on “Moth to the flame

  1. Love that last line because it wraps up the theme and style of the song so well. Great 100. Ready to pick one for next Tuesday?


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